Building for My Family and Yours

specializing in furniture custom built for you


Built to last for generations with a balance of time tested and modern techniques


Sized just right for the purpose and proportionally to surroundings


Finish and detail that draw your hand and eye to enjoy and linger


Created specifically for the function and design you desire

Many of us have searched and searched for exactly the right piece of furniture for our homes, only to give up and settle for “close enough”. Sometimes, we even see that special find a few months later at a friend’s home. Now, you can come to Mise en Place Wood Works to find that “just right” piece, made just for you. Please explore my gallery to see if you like some of the projects there, and if they spark your imagination. I build most projects to order but will occasionally offer pieces for sale that I built on my own, usually because a piece of wood called out to be made into something specific. I look forward to hearing from you!