Design Process

One of the most exciting moments in the life of a project is sitting down to a clean sheet of paper.  The possibilities are open, and the give and take of designing for and with a customer is what makes my pieces “built for your space”.

The information below describes the design and ordering process. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to working with you!

It all begins with a short description of your project idea. I can build projects as small as a salt cellar or as large as a complete built-in library, I just need a sense of what you’re looking for. If you are working with an interior designer, I am more than happy to collaborate with them as well, if you can provide their contact information.

Once you’ve contacted me with a project request, I will set up a Pinterest board specific to the project. This enables you to share lots of ideas to help me see what you’re imagining.  I will also add pins that I think are relevant, and your feedback on those ideas is very important!  This will help us come together on what you have in mind.

Next, we will set up an appointment to meet, preferably in the space where the piece is going. I will take measurements to ensure the piece is sized appropriately and we will discuss how it is intended to function in the space.  We will discuss the types of wood that may work, finishing options, and your approximate budget for the project.

Once the design is agreed upon, a 50% deposit will be required.  Since I am an independent craftsman, I may have several projects waiting, so I will also provide an estimated date by which I expect to start building your project.  I will notify you a week in advance of starting your project: once work has begun, the deposit is no longer refundable.

At time of delivery of the finished piece, the balance will be due, calculated as total price less deposit and design fee.

Note: smaller projects may be done just through email and/or phone call.

The process begins!

Building Handcrafted Pieces for Your Space

Your furniture should work seamlessly in your space, express your individuality, and bring you joy.


Built to last for generations with a balance of time tested and modern techniques


Sized just right for the purpose and proportionally to surroundings


Finish and detail that draw your hand and eye to enjoy and linger


Created specifically for the function and design you desire