Curly Cherry Side Tables

This pair of side tables will both be tucked in between a couch and a side chair, so the base will generally not be visible.  The bases are very simple, with tapered legs.  The tops, however, are the showpieces.  They are made of curly cherry, shown in the two pictures at right.  Both pictures are of the same top, but from opposite sides.  From one side, the curly pattern looks almost glowing but does not stand out as clearly.  Moving to the other side of the table, the curly pattern shows as dark.  My wife calls this the scorched earth view, you can tell which view she likes better.  These tables are finished in a durable polyurethane.

Divider Tables

This pair of side tables are made of white oak.  The tops are quartersawn, creating the ray fleck effect you can see in the close up of the top.  The legs and shelf are treated with an ebonizing finish.  The tops are finished with Tried & True, which offers a warm, soft hand feel.  They were designed for a customer who wanted tables at a particular height to function well with an existing couch and chair.  The leg design mimics the curve on the couch legs.  After completing the build, I picked up the tool shown below and realized what the table reminded me of.  The name for this project was born!

Shaker Table

The base of this Shaker side table is made of scrap pieces of Honduran and African mahogany.  The top, however, is a single gorgeous piece of African mahogany.  The drawer is dovetailed and the legs have a gentle taper.