September 25, 2016

Divider Tables

Started making a set of side tables for clients. They wanted the tables’ legs to match the legs of their couches. While I couldn’t get the legs to match perfectly because the legs would have been so wide to get the height that was needed, we settled on this shape that is similar.

I always try to make full size templates when I can. You never know when you will need them again. I will use this template to shape the legs, but I think I will leave the slight curve on the cross brace off.

These legs and the shelves that will be attached to them will be ebonized. The planning stage is done and this week I can start to build. If everything works out as planned, these table will sit next to the chairs and couches perfectly. So the plan is to get the base and shelves built this week.

The legs remind me of a set of dividers I would use to lay dovetails. My wife says they remind her of wishbones though. What do they remind you of?

Follow the build on Twitter and Instagram. I will be posting pictures…can’t say how well I will do at it because it will be the first time doing it. I usually remember to take pictures after the project is done!

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